Aircraft Carriers of the Royal Canadian Navy

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The Warrior was in service from 1946 to 1948 with the Canadian Navy. It was lent by the British Navy. When we discovered that it was not built to cope with the cold seasons of the North Atlantic, the Warrior was transferred to the west coast of Canada. In 1948, she sailed to Bermuda to make a toilet before handing it to the Royal Navy.

The Warrior made changes and a slanted deck on her bow allowing planes to climb more easily in the air. She served in the Royal Navy until 1958, and was transferred to  Argentina under the name "Independencia".

Some technical data:
-- Displacement: 18300 tons at full capacity.
-- Dimensions: 630 'by 80' by 23 'draught.
-- Propulsion:
   Parson engines activated by steam turbines.
   4 Admiralty, 3-drums of 350 psi through boiler.
   2 propellers 40000 horsepower at 25 knots.
-- Crew: 1.300 men.
-- Aviation: Bridge 695 ', 37 planes, Fury, Firefly,
   Supermarine Seafire and Avenger ...
-- Weaponry: 6 lbs 2 guns Anti-Airline up to 32 guns
   20 mm Anti Flying.

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