Aircraft Carriers of the Royal Canadian Navy

The music you hear now is called
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She was commissioned for the Royal Canadian Navy from 1946 to 1956.

She was built by Harland & Woolf in Belfast Northern Ireland from July 29, 1943 and "launched" on November 16, 1944 for finishing work. 
She was bought by the Royal Canadian Navy (44,000,000.00 $) to replace the Warrior, and was serving in different roles. She was called "Maggie."
The last mission of the Magnificent was sailing, during the crisis of the Suez Canal, men and equipment, vehicles, as part of Canada of a peace mission to Egypt, vehicles parked on the flight deck! " The Maggie was also sent to Korea for the same conditions.
The Magnificent was replaced in 1956 by the HMCS "Bonaventure" or "Bonnie"!

As for technical references, they are similar to HMCS "Warrior", the two vessels were "sister ships", identical except for insulation against the cold as regards to Maggie.

It appears she finished her days as "razor blades"!

The Warrior made a trip to Montreal, while the Magnificent took a trip to Quebec during their service.

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